Geelong West

Geelong West is a cosmopolitan suburb, and home to Geelong’s favourite strip shopping area Pakington Street, or Pako as it is affectionately known to the locals. Geelong West has undergone great changes, Character Timber houses and cottages have been renovated and the many shops along Pako boast a diverse mix of traditional restaurants, hotels, stylish


Geelong is Victoria’s largest regional centre and has become an oasis for people searching for a better lifestyle. People sick of spending hours of every day stuck in heavy traffic. People who want to reacquaint themselves with the good things in life …time with family, time to play …and time to unwind. Within the Geelong

East Geelong

East Geelong is a much sought-after residential area with large public open spaces. The enormous Eastern Park runs down to the waterfront and is home to Geelong’s historic Botanic Gardens. The park also has three ovals and three other sports fields, and neighbours the nine-hole East Geelong Golf Club, laid out in 1923. Two main

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