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Just wanted to say thank you for your time and Liz's time in relation to the rental property at McKillop Street. Thank you for getting back to us. You are very efficient and very professional and that really shows. It is great to deal with a business that looks after you. Thanks again. Regards

- Miranda Romeyn

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Dear Mark,We are writing to thank you for the wonderful job you did in selling our home. We had endured sixty days of dealing with another Real Estate Agency who was trying to sell our property, it was like pulling teeth to say the least. From the moment we changed and signed with you it was like a huge weight being lifted from our shoulders. You seamlessly prepared our property for listing and there wasn’t anything that was too much trouble. At all times, you demonstrated a friendly yet professional approach to selling our home. You established a great rapport that we felt comfortable with immediately.We thank you again for selling our home and we are delighted with the result. We wish you every success in the future and would be more than happy to recommend you to any prospective vendors.Yours sincerely,

- Rob and Sue

To Whom It May Concern, I have had the good fortune in my professional career of crossing paths with Mark Mayfield at an early stage in my various property investments ventures in Geelong. My experience in the real estate industry has shown that those agents that take the time to foster and develop relationships are those that prosper as opposed to those who don’t look beyond the deal on the table today. I think this simple philosophy applies to most industries and Mark impressed me from my initial meetings that his focus was on building a relationship of trust and loyalty. I was pleased to watch Mark progress from his position at another geelong estate agent, where he provided many years of dedicated service, to the recent launch of Mayfield Real Estate and at time when many would be hesitation as the property market showed signs of slowing. I am confident that Mark’s local knowledge and quality service will ensure that he will have a strong following of clients and that his new business will succeed. Mark has a particular interest in land subdivisions including pre-sales, marketing and project housing and speculative building projects and unit developments including off the plan sales. I have undertaken numerous townhouse and speculative building developments and Marks input at site acquisition stage, town planning stage through to the sale of the completed property has always been astute and his appraisals accurate. I have no hesitation in providing any property investor or developer to engage Mark as their agent as I am confident his performance will ensure that the relationship will prosper. I am available on my mobile to provide further background should this information be sought. Yours faithfully

- Alistair Smith

Hi Mark, Thanks a lot for selling our house! Life has been pretty hectic for us this year, but selling the house was too easy! It was great to have someone down there we could trust. Best wishes to you, Nadia and the kids.

- Lee and Lee

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